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Fall 2020

Persuasive Communication Seminar

A graduate seminar designed to introduce students in communication to classic and contemporary persuasive communication theories and research, and to help them apply the theories to various real-world issues and problems, eventually for developing their own research ideas.

Spring 2020

Communication Network Analysis

A graduate seminar designed to introduce to students the basic knowledge and advanced applications of network analysis for understanding communication-related social phenomena. Students learn how to analyze and extract information and insights from network data using packages in R, such as igraph and statnet. 

Introduction to Computational Social Sciences

An omnibus course offered by the faculty members affiliated with the Center for Computational Social Sciences (C2S2). Students are exposed to a wide variety of issues and computational methods for data collection and analysis.

Fall 2019

Media Psychology Seminar

A graduate seminar designed to expose students in communication to a variety of research issues and key literature regarding the roles of 'mediated communication' in modern societies. Students review various theoretical and empirical research related to media effects, media representation, mediated social interaction and more.  

Spring 2019

Collective Behavior & Communication

A graduate seminar designed to cover diverse approaches to understanding collective social phenomena, from traditional ones to the most recent complexity science perspectives. Students learn the basics of agent-based simulation for modeling and understanding collective social phenomena, such as information diffusion, public opinion dynamics, and the formation of social norms.   

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